ChipMixer Review – Is it Scam or not?

This ChipMixer review will bring to you a mixing algorithm which is unique, one-of-its kind and arguably offers the maximum possible anonymity.

If you’re looking to mix your Bitcoins with “privacy & anonymity” being your top priority, this piece wouldn’t be a waste of your time.

Obviously, you shouldn’t go with the mixer just because we say so (we aren’t saying that anyway.) Rather, we’ll simply discuss and explain the ChipMixer features and let you make a decision on your own.

We’ll simply poke every bit of ChipMixer’s existence in this piece by answering the following:

 ChipMixer Overview

ChipMixer is one of the few mixers which has been here for nearly 3 years now. That’s a trust-booster by itself, isn’t it?

Also, ChipMixer has quite a few unique features. However, we can still judge it based on the traditional features we expect from a mixer.

Let’s have a peek?

You can start with ChipMixer right away because it doesn’t even need registrations. But, you’d understand it better if you go through this ChipMixer review.

What is ChipMixer? (And, how is it “the” most anonymous?)

Generally, we’d not include this section for a mixer review. But, ChipMixer isn’t like any other Bitcoin mixers you’ve seen so far.

Due to its very nature, it totally could be “the” most anonymous Bitcoin mixer in existence. Well, that’s not exaggeration, neither is it a matter of opinion.

Rather, due to its unique design and the way it works, it’s hard for any other mixer to exist which beats its level of anonymity. Let us explain?

So, ChipMixer creates Bitcoin wallets prior to any of your deposits. They (ChipMixer team) then deposit funds to these wallets and sit on them. ChipMixer calls these wallets “chips” (hence the name).

Then, when you make a deposit which may be a few days, weeks, months or years later, they simply share the keys to these pre-funded wallets with the user.

Here’s something we created that outlines the process:

The trick here is no actual “transaction” happens unlike most other mixers. Rather, ChipMixer shares the private keys to the wallet. This further increases anonymity.

As a result, the new coins that a user gets are in no way, shape, or form related to their unclean deposits.

In simpler words, imagine this, ChipMixer creates wallets in 2018. You as a customer make unclean deposits in 2024. You get access to the wallet from 2018, and use it for your own purposes. Hence, absolutely no links whatsoever.

 Does ChipMixer keep logs?

We’ve already said it’s “the” most anonymous Bitcoin tumbler we’ve ever seen. That makes it clear that the mixer doesn’t store logs now, doesn’t it?

Well, technically, it does retain mixing logs for 7 days. But, that’s only to provide support in case the deposit or output goes wrong.

On the bright side, it also offers users the ability to manually delete logs anytime they wish to.

This means the logs can be deleted as soon as a mixing operation is complete, without having to wait for the 7-day period to be over.

How does ChipMixer support unlimited output addresses?

Another feature which backs our statement of it being the most anonymous Bitcoin mixer in existence.

So, the mixer offers you “chips”. These can be withdrawn manually at any time in which case you get the private keys to  the wallet.

Now, you (the customer) chooses the Bitcoin wallets where they’d like to import the keys to these chips.

So, you can withdraw chips to as many different addresses/wallets as you want. You can either withdraw all your chips to one address, or, different chips to as many different addresses as you want.

Can you split chips?

Totally. Splitting chips means you can split a large chip, e.g. a 1BTC chip to two 0.5 BTC chips. Different ratios of splits  are possible as well.

Now, this has multiple benefits. It lets you break your total deposit into as many different parts as you’d like.

This further de-links your unclean deposits from the clean outputs because the input amount wouldn’t be the same as the different, smaller amounts of withdrawals you can now make.

Also, the more “parts” (chips) you have, the more addresses you can withdraw them to! You can also add the other anonymity-elements based on how many chips you have. Keep reading and you’ll see.

Can you merge chips with ChipMixer?

Yes, chips can me merged. As the name suggests, this is the opposite of splitting. Two smaller chips can be merged which will give you a bigger chip which will be equal to chip 1 + chip 2.

This too has its own benefits on multiple fronts. The most basic benefit being you can change the withdrawal amount.

Does ChipMixer offer manual time-delay control?

Yes, it does. But, some of you may have already guessed it by now, haven’t you? Because the entire withdrawal process is “manual”, it offers 100% control.

You can choose which chip to withdraw now, and the amount of time to wait for the next withdrawal.

This means there’s no automation, no randomization. You may withdraw one chip today, and the next chip can be withdrawn weeks or even months later.

Does ChipMixer offer fund-distribution?

Again, because of the split/merge  function, ChipMixer offers 100% fund-distribution control. You can break a chip into multiple parts, merge some of those parts to get a chips of completely different sizes that you like.

These can then be withdrawn at will, to different (or same) addresses, and the amounts would be chosen by you.

Although, let us be honest on this ChipMixer review? With other mixers, choosing the exact amount of funds for each address is a bit simpler. In those cases, we simply enter a number or percentage of funds we want for each address.

In this case, it may be a bit harder to get split/merge a chip till you get that exact amount you need.

What’s the mixing fee on ChipMixer?

This ChipMixer review may have sounded almost biased so far. But, you’ll start believing once you go through its fee-policy.

So, it doesn’t charge a fixed fee! Rather, it uses the “pay what you want”  model. So, you can pay as low or as high as you’d want. This is the only Bitcoin mixer we’ve seen so far which offers such liberty.

What are the bet & donate features?

Once you use ChipMixer, you’d notice it has the ability to “bet” and also to “donate”.

So, the “bet” feature is a very basic “double or nothing” game. You can bet a chip of any amount. When you win, you receive double (2x) of your chip value. If you lose, you get nothing.

The “donate” feature is basically ChipMixer’s “fee” system. In other words, chips you donate are considered fee. This also adds to your anonymity by changing the output value.

What is the minimum mix value that ChipMixer accepts?

The minimum value is basically the smallest value you can deposit for mixes. The minimum accepted value on ChipMixer is 0.001BTC. Sending funds lower than this would be considered donations.

Even the confirmation-requirement is impressive. It only needs 1 confirmations for mixes lower than 20BTC. For 20BTC+ mixes 6 confirmations are demanded.

Do note that each deposit address is valid for 7 days. Also, ChipMixer offers a “session key” which helps you restore sessions later in case the page is closed.

Does ChipMixer allow connecting multiple deposits?

You already know it does else this section wouldn’t be here on this ChipMixer review, right?

So, this is another feature which walks our talk of it being the most anonymous Bitcoin mixer. It lets you convert you chips into “vouchers”. This is before you withdraw any of your chips.

These vouchers can then be redeemed and because multiple vouchers can be added together, these vouchers add to form one large chip.

In simpler words, let’s say you deposit 0.5BTC x 4 times. You convert the chips you receive into “vouchers”. You then add all the vouchers together. So, now you have a 2BTC chip which in no way is connected to any one of your 0.5BTC deposits.

Does ChipMixer have an onion address?

Yes, it does. And that’s the final aspect which nails the fact that it isn’t leaving any loopholes when it comes to anonymity.

ChipMixer can be accessed using TOR on this URL- http://chipm3rdj5tquc4zldegwdbmmjztcdtr6ighcx3w2xrldgzargusovqd.onion/

Combine that with a VPN service and not even Edward Snowden can track you (hopefully, that guy is a genius so he’s an exception.)

Final verdict – Is ChipMixer the best anonymous Bitcoin mixer?

We wouldn’t say if it is, or isn’t the best and most anonymous Bitcoin mixer. That may sound biased and unfair to the other mixers, right? Rather, let’s just recap the mixer and then you  make a decision on your own?

So, it uses “chips” which are pre-funded, and can’t ever be connected to your deposits. It doesn’t keep logs, and allows manual log-deletion. Also allows unlimited output addresses, unlimited time-delays and unlimited fund-distribution.

Even multiple deposits can be made and withdrawn to one single address, or multiple different addresses.

We honestly don’t see any other mixer offer as many, or as unique features as ChipMixer does.

By that logic, it does seem like the best mixer, doesn’t it? But hey, you don’t have to agree. We hope you reach your own verdict once you’ve gone through this ChipMixer review.