Chipmixer Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin Tumblers have slowly increased in popularity, and so in numbers. With the hundreds of Tumblers out there it does get confusing being able to zero-in on one specific Bitcoin Tumbler which would be the best, this Chipmixer review should help with exactly that.

How do you decide if a Bitcoin Tumbler is worth your time and funds? I’d take a guess and say most users consider the tumbler’s anonymity, service fee, additional address support, distribution control, logs policy among other things, isn’t that right?

Well, those are the exact features I’ll be filtering this Chipmixer review through and scribble down their existence, or potential for users when it comes to Bitcoin mixing.

Note that ChipMixer is one of the most unique Bitcoin mixers in the industry which makes it a lot more anonymous than nearly every other Bitcoin mixer in the industry, I’ve explained how after this brief overview of the tumbler.

Chipmixer Overview

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of the Tumbler, here’s an overview which should get you the basic idea of what the Tumbler is made out of:

From the above overview, it seems like it offers everything that a Bitcoin Tumbler should, and then some. Now let’s proceed with what could be called the most interesting section of this Chipmixer review.

How does ChipMixer Function and How it’s more Anonymous than most?

Chipmixer unlike nearly every other Bitcoin tumbler doesn’t function on a “Deposit > Mix > output” pattern and rather functions on “Chips” (hence the name).

It basically creates Bitcoin wallets and funds those wallets with chips, these chips range from 0.01BTC to 8.192BTC.

Once users deposit their Bitcoins, they get access to these chips which will have the same value as the deposited Bitcoins. These chips can then be either Withdrawn, or split/merged.

Splitting lets users split a large chip into two or more smaller chips, this would increase the anonymity as the Bitcoin value changes and becomes more random.

Or, two smaller chips can be merged into a larger one, this too works towards enforcing your anonymity as you can withdraw different amounts than what you deposited.

What makes the whole thing a lot more anonymous than standard Bitcoin mixers is, these chip mixer wallets are funded with Bitcoins “before” users deposit their Bitcoins.

So the unclean coins are sent to the mixer after the clean coins have already been deposited to a Chipmixer address. Hence there’s no way to link or prove the later unclean input transaction to be the payment for the earlier, clean coins already received!

Also as the coins are deposited to the Chipmixer wallet before users’ transactions, those coins already have absolutely no link to them personally and hence can’t ever be linked back to any individual owner or user.

Betting and Donating

This is one of the fun yet anonymity increasing features that Chipmixer provides for. Just like Splitting/merging, this helps you change/randomize the output value you’ll receive hence further increasing your anonymity.

The betting feature lets users place a “double or nothing” bet, the chances of winning (doubling) are 15 to 32 which puts it at a 47%, not unfair if you ask me.

The winning proof hashes need to start with- 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77 in order to be considered a win.  Because the bets are provably fair nothing is hidden, and the legitimacy and fairness of the bets can be easily verified by anyone.

The donation feature, on the other hand, lets you donate any amount you wish to the platform as a fee, this again decrease your chip value by the donation amount, making it more random and anonymous.

How Hard or Easy is it Using Chipmixer?

Because of its unique concept and working infrastructure, the mixing process at Chipmixer isn’t same as any other Tumbler in the industry either, although that doesn’t make it any harder.

As soon as users click on “Start mixing” on the homepage, they’re provided with a “session token” (explained later) which needs to be saved somewhere safe.

Then users are presented with a Bitcoin deposit address where they need to send their unclean funds to which need to be mixed/cleaned. Once a session is initiated, Chipmixer provides as long as 7-days for the Bitcoins to be deposited to the address, this duration can manually be extended as well.

Once the deposit address is funded with Bitcoins, users are provided with the private keys for the pre-deposited, clean Bitcoins worth the deposited Bitcoins which can now be spent at will by the users.

So, in a nutshell, it’s more like a 2-3 click process at max, and even though not as straight-forward as traditional mixers, surely worth it considering the ton of added privacy being provided.

What is Session Key/Token?

Introduced in the section above on this Chipmixer review, the session key which Chipmixer provides at the very first step of mixing and asks to be kept safe serves dual purposes.

First, it lets you restore your session even a week later! So you can initiate a mix, go on a vacation, come back and still restore the same session.

Secondly, it is used to check betting proofs, which is what makes the bets provably fair as it lets you verify he legitimacy and fairness of the bets placed!

What Service Fee is Required by ChipMixer?

Continuing its tradition of being unique, Chipmixer has an exclusive “Pay what you want” payment structure!

Meaning you decide how much you wish to pay the platform, it’s not only extremely rare but also as affordable as it gets when it comes to Bitcoin mixers.

Users split chips into different sizes, and donate the amount they wish to pay the platform for its services.

How Anonymous is ChipMixer?

All of the above features would go down the drain if the mixer isn’t anonymous, don’t you agree? Well, fortunately, Chipmixer is.

For starters, it doesn’t need any registrations for users to mix Bitcoins. Because there’s absolutely no registration, there’s no risk of any personal information being leaked, ever.

Additionally, as the above sections may have already made it clear, the deposit-withdrawal process is extremely anonymous by itself.

As far as logs policy goes, there too Chipmixer has introduced a unique concept of letting users manually wipe the logs either instantly, or by default its deleted in a week’s time (7-days).

Are Additional Addresses, Time-Delays and Distribution Control Allowed?

This again is something that makes this Chipmixer review special and unique. Because the coins can be split, merged or withdrawn by users at will, there’s no limit regarding how many additional addresses you send the Bitcoins to.

As long as you have enough chips to cover the transaction fee, the Bitcoins can be sent to any number of addresses depending on how many smaller chips you’ve split any larger chip into.

Additionally, because it’s all manual users get to set the individual percentage (%) of Bitcoin each individual address should receive without having to settle for a fixed, pre-set distribution.

And finally, for the same reasons of the process being manual, users get to decide if they wish to spend (send) the next batch of Bitcoins to another address the next day, week or month!

So in a nutshell, this honestly is the most control-providing Bitcoin mixer I’ve seen till date, everything from additional addresses, distribution control and time-delays is manual and can be controlled by the hour and seconds!

How Many Confirmations are Required?

Even though the Chipmixer wallet is funded way before you make your deposit, your deposit still needs to get enough confirmations for them to provide you with the Private keys for the chips which you can then use.

It needs just 1 confirmation for transactions < 20BTC, while for 20+ BTC the required number of confirmations is 6.

What is the Minimum Deposit Limit?

The minimum deposit limit for is 0.001 BTC. Also, the deposits are only counted till “three” decimal points.

Meaning, sending 1.2345 BTC will result in an output of 1.234 BTC. Although, it allows auto-merging of deposits, hence sending 0.0025 BTC twice will get you five 0.001 BTC chips.

Provides Signed Receipt:

ChipMixer is one of the very few Bitcoin Tumblers in the industry which provides users with a Signed receipt.

This helps users prove their source of origin if ever required, as may be the case with some governments who either seize Bitcoins or lower their value if they coins are connected to Gambling, Porn or other immoral activities.

With the signed receipt, you can prove its source or origin which would make sure the govt. can’t undermine the value of your funds.

My Two Cents on Chipmixer Review

So that’s me dropping my pen as far as this Chipmixer review goes folks. In my personal opinion, it’s pretty unique, exclusive as well as extensively anonymous.

Also, the users get a lot of control in regards to almost everything including the no logs policy which is pretty rare.

The output time is almost null as you can almost instantly spend your Bitcoins as soon as your deposits are confirmed. Pertaining to all the above factors in my personal opinion Chipmixer without doubt is one of the best Bitcoin Tumblers to go with.

But again, that’s just my personal opinion, do check the mixer out and then drop your feedback both on the mixer as well as this Chipmixer review in the comments.