Anonymix Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

Anonymix is a Bitcoin Tumbler which even though isn’t massively popular, has made its way into the industry and managed to garner a trustworthy reputation. We’ll dissect the company to its core in this Anonymix review and see what it’s made up of.

As Crypto-enthusiasts, we pay attention to the “Anonymity” in a mixer more than anything else. Then the user-control is what interests us next. Although we make sure to encompass every aspect of a platform in our reviews, and the same holds true for this Anonymix review as well.

Also note, to make sure this review isn’t biased or one-sided we’d be bringing out the cons (if any) of the platform as well and not just the Pros.

Anonymix Overview

Here’s an overview of the company.  It’ll help you gobble up all the information explained in this Anonymix review in a fizzy.

Does Anonymix Require Registrations?

Fortunately no.  A user can start mixing their Cryptocurrencies as soon as they land on the platform. It doesn’t require any kind of registrations whatsoever. This adds anonymity to a mix and increases our trust in the platform.

Our Verdict: It’s a welcoming feature. Although not unique or exclusive, yet appealing.

How to Use Anonymix?

Is using Anonymix Hard? Do you need to be a tech-god in order to mix your Bitcoins and anonymize them? Sure it sounds like it, but fortunately actually doing it is much easier.

Here are the steps outlined for you:

  • Access website >
  • Enter your Output Address (s) >
  • Set Delay + fund-percentage >
  • Deposit funds >
  • Receive clean coins.

The actual process of going through all the above points is even simpler! This video here would show you why the UI is one of the simplest we’ve ever encountered:

Our Verdict: If you know how to send/receive Bitcoins (which you obviously do) you can use Anonymix. The entire process takes less than 2minutes (not including the Bitcoin transaction time), which I’d say is pretty impressive.

What are the Smallest and Largest Deposit Amounts?

As shown in the video above, the smallest and largest amounts possible for a deposit are always displayed on the deposit-page.

However currently the mixer is accepting deposits as small as 0.002BTC. Which is equivalent to USD $20.00 at Bitcoin’s current rate.

The mixer is capable of catering to your needs even if you’re a Millionaire. The largest amount of deposit currently accepted is 100BTC.

Our Verdict: The minimum-requirement is pretty acceptable as well as affordable by most of us. As for the maximum limit, I doubt any of us reading this Anonymix review are going to be mixing USD $1Mil. Anytime soon, but it’s possible.

How many Addresses does Anonymix Allow?

Another pertinent question associated with any mixer is the number of addresses it allows.

Anonymix allows a total of 10 output addresses. These are the most important aspect of a mix in my personal opinion because the number of addresses ultimately influences the mix in a major way.

As for the deposit-address, only 1 of it is provided.

Our Verdict: We’ve been with many mixers. Most mixers support 5, or a maximum of 8 output addresses. 10 in our personal opinion is pretty impressive and probably the maximum number of addresses any mixer allows.

How much Does Anonymix Charge as Fee?

Anonymix fee is set at 0.3% of each transaction. To put things in perspective, for a USD $1,000 mix a user would only pay USD $3.00 fee, isn’t that acceptable?

As for the fee for each address, it charges a feeble 0.0001BTC/address. Again, at Bitcoin’s current price that’s only USD $1.00/extra address.

Our Verdict: Any mixer which accepts a fee below 1% is acceptable in my personal opinion. Anonymix accepts 3 times lower than that and hence I’m pretty happy.

Can I Set a Delay in my Mixes?

Yes, absolutely. Infact, not just “a” delay but “many” delays is what Anonymix allows. As I stated in the “Additional addresses” section, the number of addresses influences the overall anonymity of a mix.

That’s so because the more number of addresses there are, the more delays can be set for them. So instead of having 2 outputs 30-minute apart; it’s a much better idea to have 10 outputs in a 24-hour period.

The minimum delay allowed on Anonymix is “instant” (no-delay) while the maximum is 24 hour for a mix. It also facilitates a “random” delay  which if selected is set randomly by the mixer.

Our Verdict: The fact that the mixer allows users to set manual time-delays, and then also allows specifying the delay for each address is just impressive.

Can I Choose How much Fund Each of my Addresses Receive?

Yes, absolutely. The mixer provides users with utmost control. As shown in the video, you can specify the % of funds you wish to send to each individual address.

Again this is a factor affected by the number of addresses. The more number of addresses available, the more parts a total fund-amount can be split into. Breaking it down into 10 parts is definitely a much better idea than breaking it down into just two.

So instead of getting it all sent to one address, users can receive smaller parts of their funds in multiple addresses.

Our Verdict: 100% user-control on fund-distribution isn’t common in the industry, and hence is praiseworthy for Anonymix.

What is the Anonymix Logs Policy?

The log-policy is what dictates the amount of data stored about a mix, the duration for which it’s stored and other such information.

Anonymix offers a 100% anonymous log policy. It doesn’t keep any logs permanently. The logs which are stored during a mix, are stored for 7 days after the mix.

Or, users are provided with the option to delete the log anytime manually even before the 7-day period.

Our Verdict: The platform is as anonymous as technically can be.

What are the Deposit-Terms on Anonymix?

Deposit-terms simply mean the terms/rules for a deposit. For e.g. the number of confirmations, the time within which a deposit has to be made etc.

After initiating a mix, each deposit-address is valid for 120 hours; i.e. 2 hours. After which the order is rendered invalid, and a new order needs to be created.

Also, each deposit must get atleast 1 confirmation on the blockchain before it’s considered valid on Anonymix.

Our Verdict: The confirmation-requirement is the minimum making it extremely fast. The 2-hour window however could be improved.

Can I Access Anonymix Without Tor?

Yes. Anonymix does offer a clearnet version which can be accessed on .

Unlike the clearnet version of most other mixers, this clearnet version is completely functional and can be used to mix Bitcoins.

Our Verdict: It’s not advised to use the clearnet version for mixes. The platform is anonymous , the clearnet (search engines, your browser, ISP) aren’t. However, the feature “is” available for someone who just wishes to check the features out.

How to Check Mix Status on Anonymix?

Anonymix is a non-linear mixer. Meaning you do not have to keep your browser open from the first step to the final output.

Rather, you can close your browser as soon as you make the deposit. The status (of the deposit, as well as the mix) can be checked at any later time using the Mix ID provided on the deposit page.

Simply go to the “View mix” link and enter the mix-ID:

The next page would display the same deposit-page which was displayed earlier, with updated information about the mix.

Our Verdict: This allows users to get all the privileges that a “registered account” comes with, without requiring an account or intruding on their privacy.

Is it Illegal to  use Anonymix?

Short answer: No. Long Answer: Probably. Well it would depend on your unclean coin-source, intentions and many other factors.

But if you stole the coins, or obtained them via any illegal means they’re still illegal. “Mixing” them isn’t illegal, using Anonymix isn’t illegal either but they may have legal repercussions.

Our Verdict: This Anonymix review does not encourage or promote money-laundering, or any other illegal activities. Do not use Anonymix for illegal activities  and you should be fine.

Our Final Words on

In my personal opinion, there isn’t a reason why someone wouldn’t go with Anonymix. It’s fast (1 confirmations required), totally anonymous (No logs / Registration), cheap (0.3% fee), lets users start low (0.002BTC accepted) and easy to use.

The platform even offers a 25% bonus to every 100th mix on the platform!  Moreover, users control almost every aspect of the mix.

So I personally am out  of “negative” points to mention on this Anonymix review. Although some may argue that the fee isn’t user-controlled, which I’d agree on. Do you? Let us know what you think of the mixer in the comments.